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Most Popular Questions

How and when do I register for an admissions test?

You sit admissions tests in a registered test centre, which can be your own school or an open test centre. Registration for candidates opens on 1 September and closes at 6pm on 15 October. This is the same deadline as for your UCAS form. (Please note, arrangements for the LNAT, taken by those applying for Law are slightly different.)

For further details on test registration and preparation, please visit our tests page.

I need extra time or access arrangements for my admissions test(s). How do I do this?

You must provide your test centre with details of any access arrangements you require, along with the evidence to support your request. Requests for modified question papers must be submitted by your centre as soon as possible.

What do I do if I can't find a test centre?

If you can't find an open test centre on the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) websitehere, you should contact CAAT for further advice as soon as possible, as they administer the tests on our behalf.

I have a clash with my admissions test. What should I do?

The admissions test is a crucial part of the process and it's highly unlikely that you will be shortlisted without it. If you have another exam or test scheduled, you should let your test centre know as soon as possible so that they can request a Timetable Variationon your behalf.

If you will be abroad at the time of the test, you may be able to sit the test in a test centre abroad. If you can't find as open test centre on the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) website here, you should contact CAAT as soon as possible for further advice.

Can I visit Oxford University?

We have another University-wide open day on 20 September. If you cannot attend then and wish to come over the summer, you are welcome to make an independent visit. Other opportunities to attend events and find out more about studying at Oxford are listed in our events calendar.

What subjects should I take to A-level (or equivalent) and what grades do I need?

The exact subject requirements vary depending on the course you want to apply for. As a guide, you will need to achieve between AAA and A*A*A at A-level or an equivalent level qualification. Read ourcourse pagesto find out the specific requirements for each. Any specific subject requirements are listed on ourindividual course pagesand in thissummary table of entrance requirements.

Are my GCSEs good enough for Oxford?

GCSEs will be taken into account when we consider your application but they are just one aspect that we look at. Tutors will also consider your achieved or predicted grades at A-level (or other equivalent qualifications), your personal statement, academic reference, and any written work or written tests required for your course. If your application is shortlisted, your performance at interview will also be taken in to account. Further information about how we consider GCSEs in context is available on our UK qualifications page.

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